Downstream marketing is the system of advertising, promotion, brand-building and customer-focused communications that we put to work for you through marketing tactics such as social media, trade shows, email campaigns, webinars, and PR. These activities are extremely important; they communicate and create interest in a product or service. But we have found that companies often expend significant costs on downstream marketing activities while ignoring critical upstream marketing activities. 

Physicians who would treat a patient without listening to their concerns, ordering appropriate diagnostic testing, analyzing results, and creating a treatment plan would have disastrous results. And yet, companies sometimes make exactly this error of omission in their marketing efforts. Marketing requires just as much art and science as the practice of medicine. We use the information collected through our Upstream Marketing plan to ensure that our Downstream Marketing is focused on the appropriate target market with messaging that resonates with them and spurs them to action. And we ALWAYS track and analyze the results so that we can make adjustments based on data to maximize the bottom-line results.